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Find out how the average American family could be $1,278,260 richer...
without having to earn a penny more than they're bringing in right now.

Total Logistics Consulting is pleased to make available to you the following Financial Independence Resources. Our mission is to teach people just like you, how to achieve true Financial Independence by eliminating all your debt, operating 100% on cash, and properly investing to build future wealth ..., all with the money you already earn. In fact, we're so confident in the Power of the Principles that we will introduce you to, and in our System for Prosperous Living, we actually GUARANTEE you will achieve financial independence if you will follow ALL of our recommendations! We have been very successful sharing this revolutionary information with others, and we invite you to take the first step toward your own Financial Freedom ... Go Ahead - This may be the last time anyone ever throws you a financial life-ring this powerful!

What Would YOU Do If You Found An Extra $$ 60,000 -- Or MORE ????

The following outlines a VERY simple, Free-to-almost-FREE procedure, that, if you are a homeowner, can save you a sizable $$$$$$ amount $$$$$$ of money !!

Let us assume the following example for the sake of demonstration. The mortgage on your home was taken out for $150,000 (that is, you paid $150,000 to buy your home). The mortgage is for a term of 30 years at a fixed interest rate of 7%. This makes your monthly payment (minus escrow withholding) about $1,000 per month.

Under these conditions, at the end of the 30 year period, you will have paid the bank a total of $360,000 for your $150,000 home. THAT IS RIGHT, you will have paid out $210,000 in interest !! If the principle amount or interest rate of your mortgage is higher, you will save MORE money under this plan -- if they are lower, you will save LESS.

There are two ways that this plan can be implemented:
  • The first entails paying the bank an additional $100 per month on your mortgage, making the payment $1,100 rather than $1,000. You will need to stipulate to the bank that this extra $100 is to pay down the PRINCIPLE. Doing this will allow you to pay off the mortgage in 23 years, and save about $60,00 in interest charges.

  • The second method DOES NOT require an additional $100 payment, but it DOES require the cooperation of your bank, and perhaps a restructuring of your loan. You will need to discuss it with your mortgage holder. It consists of what is known as a "Bi-Weekly Mortgage". In other words, rather than making a $1,000 payment ONCE a month, you will make a $500 payment TWICE a month. This produces about the same results as way number one -- the mortgage will be paid off in about 23 years at an interest savings of about $60,000.

Both of these options are Easy, Cheap, and Simple to implement. Way number One requires NO cooperation from your bank nor ANY change to your mortgage -- Anyone can do it Anywhere. For way number Two, you WILL need to consult with your mortgage holder or bank in order to see what is entailed. Either way, YOU have a great deal to gain and NOTHING to lose. Why not check into it today ?? Unless, of course, you would RATHER pay the bank an unnecessary $60,000.

Access a SIMPLE online calculator [ Here ].

CLICK here to download the FREE program, "Vorton Financial Tools", run some figures thru it, and see for yourself how easy it is to start saving BIG money Today !!

Certified by CFC* as a Financial Councilor, Independent Budget Consultant, and Instructor for the Financial Planning Workshop. Certified to teach and conduct, "How To Manage Your Money" classes and seminars. Also provide vocational, occupational, and personality testing and analysis via the "Career Pathways" � System, "Professional Analyst" � by Neuralytc Systems, Inc., and "Career Path" � by American Testing Institute.    *Christian Financial Concepts

Keys To Financial Freedom

A collection of useful "TIPS" on how to keep YOUR Money in YOUR Pocket

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Can You AFFORD to Retire??     The KEY to Financial Freedom

The FREE Credit Card Trap     Free Software to Download

Bankruptcy is a ten year mistake! Bankruptcy may not be the solution to heavy debt that you think it is.
Going bankrupt has many consequences. Check This Out !!!

Feature Article - How To Avoid Being "Taken For A Ride" When YOU Lease A Car !!

Financial Services Links

A collection of useful Financial Links we've found on the "Net"

Founded by Larry Burkett in 1976, Crown Financial Ministries is committed to teaching God's people biblical principles of money management and stewardship, one of the most critical needs in our churches and our society today.

Credit Karma -- The first thing we do is give you free access to your credit scores, reports and monitoring. Once you know where you stand, we help you figure out your next move. Maybe you need to dispute an error on your credit report. We could help with that. Maybe you're paying too much in interest. We could help with that too. We want you to feel good about your options and make informed financial decisions. That means giving you the right information at the right time so you can zero in on what's important.

Napoleon Hill wrote what has become one of the classic motivational or "success" books entitled, "Think and Grow Rich", in which he expounds the famous Andrew Carnegie formula for moneymaking based upon, "The Thirteen Proven Steps To Riches". Click Here -- The Secret Revealed !!

Dave Ramsey is America's trusted voice on money and business. He's authored five New York Times best-selling books: Financial Peace, More Than Enough, The Total Money Makeover, EntreLeadership and Smart Money Smart Kids. The Dave Ramsey Show is heard by millions of listeners each week on hundreds of radio stations. Click Here --

This WEB Site is a veritable "Gold Mine" of Financial Information for ALL categories of peoples at ALL levels of Financial Need and/or Expertise. Check It Out -- You'll be glad that you did !! Click Here -- Investing

Budgeting Basics - Introduction **** What is budgeting? Basically, it's making sure that you're spending less than you're bringing in and planning for both the short- and long-term. Unfortunately, many people think of budgeting as depriving themselves and they avoid it like they do a diet. However, just like a diet is really just a program for eating, budgeting is just a program for spending. focuses on reducing totals of up to 18 monthly bills, including credit cards, cellular phone, gas and electric, insurance, and long distance phone. The most useful part of the site is a feature that compares your current service costs with prices offered by competitors.

   It's all here for FREE at Quicken Financial Network. Get up-to-date information about ALL the important financial issues you face, from investment, retirment planning and insurance, to loans and mortgages. Plus, you can create and customize a confidential "profile" so that you get ONLY the news that matters to YOU.

   The Consumer Information Center contains full text versions of hundreds of the best federal consumer publications available. All FREE! A working numeric calculator is the first thing that you see here, but the site is really a full directory of online calculators of ALL sorts, including one for figuring how to save for college tuition and a currency converter. Click on "Salary Wizard" at this site to find out the salary range for people doing a particular job in your area. This site offers a variety of calculators for anyone considering a move. The Salary Calculator tells how much you need to earn in order to keep the same standard of living in a different city. The Moving Calculator tells how much it will cost to get from here to there.

    Armchair Millionaire This site offers attractive features, including "Five Steps to Financial Freedom". It has partnered with Quicken, and provides an Investor Center in collaboration with Charles Schwab.

Should I Use My Savings To Pay Off My Debts? Building up your savings can be rewarding, but you could be damaging your finances if you have outstanding debts. Here's how to work out whether you should use your savings to clear money you owe instead.

"An Ode to Money and Wealth" An excerpt from the book, "Atlas Shrugged", by Ayn Rand, first published in 1957. Read this in order to gain a clearer understanding as to the place, purpose, and value of Money.

Check this page often. We'll add new links when we find interesting sites that we feel might be of use to you in achieving your goal of Financial Freedom

FREE Software!

A collection of Freeware and Shareware tools that will assist you in reaching your financial goals.

Total Logistics Consulting does not develop, sell, or support any of the software programs listed below. Refer to the copyright information and licensing rules the software manufacturer's have included with each program. Total Logistics Consulting makes no guarantees, expressed or implied, as to the effectiveness or performance of any software listed here. As with any shareware or freeware program on the market ---->> Use At Your Own Risk!

    Vorton Financial Tools (4.3mb) -- (FREE) Vorton Technologies' easy to use financial planning application. Vorton Financial Tools is a comprehensive software application intended to assist individuals in analyzing and making decisions in the area of personal finance. The program features include the following sections: Loans, Mortgages, Bonds, Retirement Planning, and Savings.

When it comes to personal finance, you want to see both the big picture, such as your net worth, and minute details, such as every credit card transaction. provides both of those windows into your financial life and so much more. It checks your credit score. It helps you budget your money. It reminds you of upcoming bills and, with a recent addition, can now even pay them for you. It even suggests financial accounts with better interest rates than the ones you currently get. Because it does all that for free and is completely automated, Mint is the best personal finance software, hands down. ** Click Here -- Intuit

�It is a free online program that offers standard budgeting and tracking features with simplicity.� ** Forbes �It does not link to financial accounts, making it a good choice for the security-minded.� ** USA Weekend �Devoted to your personal financial management� ** Click Here --

Budgeting Software -- Create and Maintain a Budget on Your Computer or Online * budgeting software * envelope budgeting software. Budget software helps you create and stick to a budget and has some features found in standard personal finance software. This list of budget software is in no particular order, with unique features highlighted to help you find budgeting software that works best for you. Whether you need Mac budget software, Windows budget software or prefer online budget software, you will find a budget software that will work for you. Some of the budget software listed here does envelope budgeting, but all of the listed software will make it easy to create a budget and will help you stick to your budget.

    Debt Analyzer for Windows v3.00 [ASP] -- Debt Elimination at its best! A package designed to help reduce and eliminate debt and save you hundreds of dollars in the process. Build debt reduction schedules or loan consolidation schedules. Handles up to 50 debts at once. Use minimum payments (percentages too), current payments or accelerated payments with elimination. Nine priority methods or define your own.

    FREE DownLoads Center -- Download an assortment of SHAREware and FREEware Budget and Finance programs.

   Free Personal Finance & Business Accounting Software for Windows -- Today we will take a look at some of the free finance software for personal & home use, as well as accounting software for small, medium business � along with one for enterprises. All of these are free to use on your Windows computers.

More to come... Let us know if you would like to contribute your "wares" to this collection!

"A Dollar Saved is at LEAST Two Dollars Earned ** Failing to Plan is the Same as Planning to FAIL **"

"There's only one real definition of financial independence and that is to be debt-free, with a continuous dependable residual income stream, so working is optional for you. And that's exactly where our Debt-FREE and Prosperous Living System will take you." --- John Cummuta - President and CEO of the Financial Independence Network, Ltd. (Don't miss John's Eye-Opening editorial -- Can You Retire?)

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