YES, it IS possible to increase the EFFECTIVE SPEED of your 56K dialup connection by a considerable degree (4 to 7 times). This DOES approach low DSL speeds in some cases. It certainly does not replace cable or DSL access, but if you can not get DSL due to location, or do not want to spend the greater amounts for high speed access, then less than $4.00 per month WILL greatly decrease the aggravation of S-L-O-W dialup speed.

So, you are asking -- How does this miracle occur ?? -- GOOD QUESTION !! First, let me advise you loud and clear -- it DOES NOT occur by downloading the proliferation of "Modem Accelerators" or "Software Internet Accelerators" that you see advertised on the WEB. Most, if not all of these, are from marginally useful to useless !! The "Modem Accelerators" merely tweak your computers Internet Connection. If you want to try this route (it may help some), an excellent FREE tool can be found at The "Software Internet Accelerators" are even more useless, most being nothing more than "browser caches", which your browser already possesses.

The problem with the "Software Internet Accelerators" is that they ONLY work within your computer. The data still has to get there via your S-L-O-W dialup connection. You need some way to get the data TO your computer faster. So we come to the "Miracle" !! There is a technology available - which REALLY DOES work - that accelerates the data BEFORE it reaches your computer on its way from the WEB site that you are browsing. More details on this later. I have tried numerous services.

You need to keep in mind that this technology will ONLY speed up "COMPRESSIBLE" data. This means that text, graphics, pdf, and flash will be accelerated -- Data File Downloads and "Gaming Sites" will NOT be accelerated. Graphics are accelerated using a "lossy" compression, meaning that a certain degree of picture detail is removed. You can set the amount of compression that you desire -- more compression, faster download, less image detail.

I would also like to emphasize as strongly as possible that what is claimed by OnSpeed and others using this technology is an increase in the EFFECTIVE SPEED of your dialup line, NOT that up to 5 times more data is actually pumped through you 56k modem. Clearly, that would be impossible !! It is similar to a compressed data file (zip). Often 5 mb or more of data can be compressed into a single 1 mb .zip file. If your download speed was 1mb per second, it would take you 1 second to download the 1 mb file. However, EFFECTIVELY, you have actually downloaded 5 mb of data. Hence, your EFFECTIVE download speed has been increased by 5x. Download speed is further increased by compressing graphic data and reducing various Internet related delays.

There seem to be two main types. One uses web compression and optimizing ALONG with local (your computer) caching (in ADDITION to your browser cache). The other skips the additional local caching. I prefer the later because it is MUCH smaller (only about a 1 mb file download), and doesn't clutter your computer up with a lot of marginally useful extra "Gizmos". Many use a common technology provider, SlipStream, and market under their own brand at various prices. One in particular is called "OnSpeed"

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This page provides a considerable amount of information on the technology itself, "OnSpeed" in particular, and an opportunity to sign up with "OnSpeed". They DO offer a 14 day free trial period to test their system. There are other companies offering the same technology at slightly higher prices. I finally settled with "OnSpeed" as being what I deemed the best after testing various others.

PS. -- If you reside in North America, please ensure that you are using the new US servers. To do so , please right click the ONSPEED icon, select "Settings", then goto "Connection", then "Advanced". For "remote server hostname" you should have:

Also, you might make a note that ONLY MS InterNet Explorer is set up automatically !! OnSpeed will work fine with other browsers like Opera (which is what I use). However, you will have to set the proxy manually. This is EASY enought to do. For Opera, go to the "Network" frame in "Preferences", then to "Proxy servers", and enter "" into both "HTTP" and "FTP" and "5400" into the pespective "Ports" (these values are WITHOUT the quotes). "HTTPS" sites are NOT handled by the proxy server. You may also specify URL's that you wish to bypass the proxy here. Other browser setups are probably similar.

CLICK image at right to run a transfer speed test on your computer. ---->>

SlipStream's software speeds up your internet connection from 3 to 6 times normal speed. It speeds up your email download as much as 1200%! All Dial-up users will find that their web surfing experience is significantly enhanced by the addition of this software to their PC. Your ability to block Popups and Ads that are pushed to you, means you don't have to wait for all that extra information to download. If you access the Internet using a dial up connection at home or on the road, SlipStream will make you more productive. For low speed DSL, cable, or ISDN connections, you will notice a great increase in speed and a decrease in the number of packets transmitted. This will lower your DSL costs on lines which charge for throughput.

A small applet is downloaded to your PC. Once you have installed the applet, your PC's performance will gradually improve as you surf the Internet. If you would like more technical information on how this is accomplished, please read our technical documentation.

  • Lite DSL speeds for a fraction of the cost.
  • Surf 5 times faster than regular dial-up.
  • Block Popups.
  • Block unwanted site ads.
  • Send email from any network using your mail client.
  • Fast download, less than 1 meg.

Network Optimization: Standard web browsing uses the publicly available Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). However this "one size fits all" approach doesn't always give you the fastest browser speed. SlipStream uses a customized proprietary transport protocol, which automatically adjusts itself to the type of network being used and data being received. You always get to the web site as fast as possible with SlipStream.

Caching and Content Optimization: The SlipStream servers keep copies of frequently visited web pages on hand. This saves you time because they are immediately available to be sent super-fast to you.

Compression: SlipStream uses state of the art lossless data compression for text and user controlled lossy compression for graphics. SlipStream server uses proprietary patent-pending compression technology to deliver the data faster. A small companion software kernel on your computer returns the data to it's original form so you see the page the way it was meant to be seen.

  • Patent-pending acceleration technology combines multiple proven acceleration methods to provide more speed and options.
  • Proxyconn employs a variety of technologies to move web pages over the internet more quickly, all of which require no changes from the users or ISPs. Customers see nothing but improvement using the same ISP, equipment, and browser as before. Most of Proxyconn's technology is proprietary and many of the speed-enhancement details are confidential. However, here are the basic key elements...
  • Proxyconn has deployed proxy servers on the Internet Backbone in North America, Western Europe, Central and South America and in Asia Pacific. The network is redundant and fault-tolerant with automatic geographical load balancing among the servers.
  • The proxy servers and Accelerator software use proprietary data compression technology that is far more effective than the normal compression technology based on public standards. Proxyconn's state-of-the-art compression technology compresses text data up to 50x, image data up to 12x, documents, animations and HTTP headers.
  • Our multi-point caching mechanism further speeds downloading of graphics and static files.
  • On average, DNS lookup on our servers is much faster, given the proximity of our computers to the DNS servers.
  • Persistent connections to our servers eliminate frequent creation of TCP connections.
  • Suppression of banner ads saves additional bandwidth needs.
  • Prevention of annoying pop-up ads before they reach the desktop reduces download time and also increases privacy (many pop-ups contain cookies). Proxyconn's Pop-up Removal feature blocks pop-ups, pop-unders and exit windows, while allowing for 'legitimate' pop-ups.
  • Blocking of web "bugs" that are used by advertisers to track Internet users will further protect your privacy. Proxyconn provides broad compatibility
  • Proxyconn's Accelerator and Broadband Accelerator service is compatible with all Internet Service Providers, including AOL and MSN. To use our service, all a user need is Windows´┐Ż (98, ME, XP or 2000) and virtually any browser, available on the market, including: Internet Explorer 4.01 or later, Netscape 4.07 or later, Opera, Mozilla or Firefox.